Pairing Up Vintage Dresses With Modernity

“Old is gold”, so let us see how we can pair up the old-day elegance with the sophistication of the novelty. Basically here you have to match the right fit of oldies to get the ultimate glamorous look. But if you try out too much vintage, it might make you look like a granny. Simply this is balancing high street clothing and retro clothing. Here are some ideas you can try out next time.

Floral tops

Hope you all can remember how ladies at the office looked back in the 80s. Vibrant floral blouses were kind of a staple piece those days. Nevertheless floral designs are still adored all over the world. You can wear one of these floral blouses along with a modern high-waist pencil skirt and complete the look with a pair of pumps in a solid color. If you are worried about finding the perfect floral blouse, check out a seller who offers modern vintage dresses online.

Denim dungaree

This is one of the coolest fashion pieces everyone loves even today. A denim dungaree is ideal for any casual occasion with a statement T-shirt or even with a plain T-shirt. Do your hair in a top-knot and pick a simple pair of canvas shoes. You can get that simple and charming look of the 80s without a lot of effort. A gridded maxi skirt with a crisp white shirt blouse down with braces is also a good idea.

Leather belts

A fine leather belt is an essential if you are trying out vintage fashions. Just pick a midi dress of your choice and add a leather belt which is comparatively thicker, to your dress. Always choose the belt from a contrasting color to the dress you are going to wear.

You can find these belts in different sizes at any fair trade clothing online store. You can also wear these leather belts with pants. But make sure the belt would stand out like your statement piece. Ginghams Usually ginghams come in red, blue and black. Gingham tops have a beauty of its own and, I would give it 10/10 if I was to rank vintage fashion trends. You can go for a bell sleeve gingham or a wrap-top gingham and wear it along with a matching pair of jeans. There are embroidered gingham tops too and those are just the icing on the cake.

High-waist shorts

Peel of your typical low-waist shorts and grab a vintage high-waist shorts pair this spring! The best thing about high-waist shorts are they give an instant lift to your back and add a sharp look to your figure. To give it a flair of modernity, you can pair it up with either a crop top or a statement T-shirt.